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Support hurting neighbors at HSC!

Help save a life in Tarrant County

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The Healing Shepherd Clinic is dedicated to providing education, preventative care, and medical treatment to homeless individuals in a climate of compassion and dignity.

The homeless are exposed to harsh weather, malnutrition, diseases, and lack of sanitation. Many are unaware that they have chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or mental illness. Often, their only option for medical care is to go to the emergency from, even for something as simply treated as an infection. The Healing Shepherd Clinic provides primary and preventative care to the residents and guests at UGM-TC. Patients at the clinic can be treated for many common illnesses and conditions that are prevalent in the homeless population including heart, liver, and kidney diseases; skin infections; chronic pulmonary disease; diabetes and hypertension.

*Healing Shepherd Clinic is a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit operating on the Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County Campus.